Fresh A.I.R. – Artist in Residence Opening

Fresh A.I.R. is a scholarship programme of the Stiftung Berliner Leben (Berlin Life Foundation) that offers time, space and resources to artists and cultural practitioners from the field of Urban and New Contemporary Art to dedicate themselves to an artistic project within the framework of a specific thematic complex. Up to 11 scholarship students per year are invited to Berlin for 6 months. The premises extend over three floors, 11 flats and 1,100 square metres of living and working space above the URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art.

The very first round of Fresh A.I.R. that took place in 2018 featured artists such as Onur & Wes21, Quintessenz, Nespoon, Mia Florentine Weiss, Dot Dot Dot, Louis Masai, Ludo, Li-Hill, Herakut, Snik, and Sellfable.

During their stay, YAP offered ongoing support to the artists and helped them give each of the apartments a total makeover that transformed the entire building into a diffuse artwork, complete with live painting in the artists´ common area.

The apartments were opened to the public during the vernissage of Fresh A.I.R. exhibition, where visitors were able to participate in studio tours and admire the work done by the artists over a period of six months.

Stiftung Berliner Leben / URBAN NATION

Fresh A.I.R. – Artist in Residence

Dot Dot Dot, Herakut, Li-Hill, Louis Masai, Ludo, Mia Florentine Weiss, NeSpoon, Onur, Quintessenz, Sellfable, Snik, Wes21


  • Project Management
  • Production
  • Art Handling
  • Artist Management


URBAN NATION Museum, Berlin